The activities of the Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino Romano Cheese concern achieving those goals established by the charter and provided for under the laws in force. In summary, the Consortium:

  • holds the collective logo identifying the Pecorino Romano PDO and grants its use to applicants who are entitled to it;
  • protects and oversees the production and trade of the Pecorino Romano PDO through the activities of supervisory agents;
  • oversees the use of the name Pecorino Romano in the domestic, European and international markets in order to avoid misuse, fraud, counterfeiting and unfair competition;
  • promotes initiatives suited to preserving its uniqueness and its particular characteristics;
  • undertakes initiatives to promote awareness of the product in all markets through activities of consumer information and looks after the general interests of the Pecorino Romano PDO and, in particular, the Consortium may:
  • have an advisory role vis a vis the Public Administration;
  • make proposals to amend the product specifications;
  • establish programs for qualitative and structural improvements;
  • cooperate with the European Union, the Italian State, the Regions and other public and private entities to enhance and protect the product;
  • implement advertising and promotional initiatives to raise the profile and the consumption of Pecorino Romano PDO.


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