Pecorino Romano

Flavour, aroma, texture, nutritional and energy values, everything about Pecorino Romano is perfectly balanced and in harmony.

The story of Pecorino Romano

For more than two thousand years the flocks of sheep that graze freely in the countryside of Lazio and Sardinia have produced the milk from which the cheese is made.


For over 30 years our Consortium has insisted on quality control. We are dedicated to enhancing the appeal of Pecorino Romano cheese and our task is to promote its image in Italy and around the world.

"Pecorino Romano D.O.P. Cheese is a unique, natural and nutritious, produced exclusively with sheep's milk Protected geographical areas.

His aromatic, intense and spicy - What You Declines in Second grade seasoning - combines wonderfully with tons of flavor ... even those with no images.

A cheese with ancient origins, perfect for all the nuances of contemporary cuisine"


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