3 Pecorini present extraordinary portfolio of P.D.O cheeses at Speciality and Fine Food Fair this September

“No Ordinary Sheep. No ordinary cheeses”

3 Pecorini, 3 Consortium for the protection of P.D.O (Products Designated of Origin) cheeses, Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Sardo and Fiore Sardo, will be showcasing their traditional-recipe 100% sheep’s milk cheeses at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair at London Olympia from 2nd-4th September. The event allows independent retailers, chefs and importers to discover over 700 different artisan food and drink products. Among the producers, 3 Pecorini will host a large stand showcasing their cheeses where samples of all three P.D.Os will be available to sample. One of Britain’s youngest and most successful chefs, Sophie Wright, will also be present throughout the day cooking up two bespoke recipes to pair with each cheese. 

Senza titolo.pngThe production of Sardinian P.D.Os Cheese is the result of an unspoiled and a long-standing dairy culture, and the work of a team of farmers and 3 million sheep. It is now 3 Pecorini’s mission to expand the popularity of these historic products, seeing the US, Italy, Germany, the UK and France as the markets with the biggest potential for development, which is proving to be the case according to continually rising export numbers to these countries. The attraction of these cheeses is clear: certified quality by their P.D.O status, 2,000-year-old recipes, and the product of a unique variety of sheep indigenous to Sardinia. 
Whatever your taste preferences, 3 Pecorini caters for all. Pecorino Romano is aromatic, whilst Pecorino Sardo Dolce is a mild, delicate version of his bolder sibling Pecorino Sardo Maturo that is   sharper in flavour. The final on the three, Fiore Sardo, provides and intense and spicy alternative.
Salvatore Palitta, President of the Consortium for the protection of Pecorino Romano P.D.O. comments: 
“Already extremely successful on the American market, we are confident that the cheeses will continue their upward trend in popularity in the UK with their outstanding quality and versatility as cheeses for grating, for using in recipes, or simply for eating just as they are.” 

About 3 Pecorini 
The 3PECORINI campaign is the result of a collaboration between the CONSORTIUM FOR THE PROTECTION OF PECORINO ROMANO CHEESES, the CONSORTIUM FOR THE PROTECTION OF PECORINO SARDO and the CONSORTIUM FOR THE PROTECTION OF FIORE SARDO to promote awareness about the production of high quality sheep’s-milk cheese in the region of Sardinia.  
“3 Pecorini” signifies the cheeses Pecorino Sardo, Pecorino Romano and Fiore Sardo, which are Products of Designated Origin, certifying their high quality and place of origin. They are made with 100% sheep’s milk, produced by sheep that have been raised in their natural environment by farmers who still today follow thousand-year-old traditions. The production of Sardinian P.D.Os Cheese is the result of an unspoiled and a long-standing dairy culture, and the work of a large team of farmers. And sheep.
The campaign is financed by the autonomous region of Sardinia according to L.R n.5/2015 art.15

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